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Sempermed Disposable Gloves

SemperMed USA

SemperMed USA has sold high-quality disposable gloves for more than 20 years. Disposable gloves are used in many different industries, and for protection and cleanliness, gloves are a daily necessity for many businesses. SemperMed works with suppliers that use the latest science and technology to make durable and reliable disposable gloves for optimal safety. The entire SemperMed product line meets CA Prop 65 standards.

The product line includes latex, nitrile, vinyl, polyethylene, and chloroprene gloves. All of SemperMed’s products undergo rigorous quality control and are made in some of the most sophisticated manufacturing plants in the world.

SemperMed packaging is made with recycled sustainable materials that are able to house double or triple the standard amount of gloves. This helps reduce the number of boxes needed in turn helping the environment. Each shipment also saves up to 11% carbon footprinting.